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Kissing gourami fish

Kissing gourami fish

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Kissing gouramis, also known as kissing fish or kissers (Helostoma temminckii), are large tropical freshwater fish comprising the monotypic labyrinth fish family  Description - Habitat and ecology - In the aquarium. Learn more about kissing gourami (kisser fish) including tank care, feeding, and breeding. They exhibit kissing behavior to establish mating territory. 9 Dec - 2 min - Uploaded by 3kirt Kissing Gouramis fighting. The International Betta Competition - magnificent fighting fish on.

The Kissing Gourami is also known as the Kisser Fish or Pink Kisser. The Kissing Gourami is silvery-peach in color and has thick lips that can be extended or. The Kissing Gourami gets its name from the way it will kiss other gouramis and other fish in your tank. They are not kissing but they are acting aggressive. Kissing Gouramis are very hardy so disease is not usually a These fish are very resilient but knowing the signs of illness, and.

Kissing Gourami It's a popular food fish and has been introduced to several countries for aquaculture purposes with feral populations now existing in some. The kissing gourami or kissing fish (Helostoma temminkii) is best known for " kissing" each other in aquariums. However, this is not the kind of affectionate. Kissing gouramis are a peaceful species of fish that can be a joy to keep in the home aquarium. These fish display a unique. Kissing gouramis are so named for their lip-locking activity. Read on for some interesting information about this attractive fish. 3 Sep If you are thinking of starting a new aquarium and looking for some entertaining fish, the kissing gourami is a wonderful choice. Quite a popular.


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